Immunology and Viral Infection

Immunology is the branch of science that deals with the study of immune system. It protects us from various infections through various defense lines. It includes the understanding of how body components respond and interact. It includes the physiologic process that permits the body to identify materials as foreign or abnormal and to deactivate or eliminate those foreign materials. The immune system is a difficult system of structures and processes that has changed to protect us from disease. A viral infection is the spread of virus inside a body. Viruses cannot reproduce without a host body. Viruses infect the body by introducing there genetic material (DNA) inside the host body. The genetic material after insertion hijacks the cells immunity and divides into more copies. Viruses can affect many body parts which includes the reproductive, respiratory and gastrointestinal system

  • Essence of Immunology
  • Branches of Immunology
  • Components of the Immune System
  • Immunology & Health
  • Zika Virus
  • Hepatitis C
  • Chemokine receptor antagonists

Related Conference of Immunology and Viral Infection

October 30-31, 2020

32nd Annual Congress on Immunology and Vaccinations

Vancouver, Canada

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