Immunopathology is a part of prescription that bargains with Immune response related with the ailment. It incorporates the investigation of the pathology of a creature, organ framework, or illness regarding the safe framework, resistance, and insusceptible reactions. In science, it alludes to the harm caused to a living being by its very own immune response, because of contamination. It could be because of mismatch among pathogen and host species and frequently happens when a creature pathogen taints a human (for example avian influenza prompts a cytokine storm which adds to the expanded death rate. Immunopathology may be caused by antibodies, an excessive innate response, or lymphocytes.

  • Hypersensitivity Reactions
  • Autoimmunity
  • Adaptive immunity
  • Innate Immunity
  • Immunodeficiency
  • T cells and APCs
  • Antibody-mediated immunity
  • Cell-mediated Immunity
  • Passive Immunization
  • Active Immunization

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