Immunotoxicology is the investigation of immune dysfunction coming about because of presentation of a living being to a xenobiotic. The resistant brokenness may appear as immunosuppression or on the other hand, hypersensitivity, autoimmunity or any number of fiery based maladies or pathologies. Since the invulnerable framework assumes a basic job in host protection from illness just as in ordinary homeostasis of a living being, Identification of immunotoxic hazard is high in the assurance of human, creature and untamed life wellbeing.

  • Developmental Immunotoxicology
  • In vitro techniques
  • Immunotoxicology Assessment in Drug Development
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Immunosuppression
  • Clinical allergy
  • Immunotoxicological-aspects of allergy
  • Chemical-induced autoimmunity
  • Clinical autoimmunity
  • Cases: silicons, hexachlorobenzene.

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